Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Don't Touch The Hair!!!!!

(Bad Hair Day, and yes, I do wear sunglasses in my room, sue me!)

My hair is strange, well, not really, but it does require more care than I'm sometimes willing to give it. Basically, I can only comb it (without pain) when it's wet, which means straight after a shower. Of course I have days where I'm rushing for a lecture and don't have time to go through the process of combing so I just put on a beanie and go through my day.
The combination of hat and wet hair means when I take off the hat at the end of the day, my hair is compressed and pulled back, looking somewhat like a 'conk' from the 60s.
Other days, especially days when I don't have lectures, I take a shower and don't bother combing it, meaning my hair ends up looking like the picture above...not good at all.
Strangely though, when my hair is in what I consider a 'shambolic state' I have friends who insist it looks cool, or funky, or whatever derivative of good there is. I'll always beg to disagree, if I'm keeping an afro, then the only way it can be considered 'cool' or 'funky' is if its neatly combed and evenly spread, no valleys and peaks in the Afro-topography.
Another thing that keepers of afros (who live amongst an Afroless population) will have to deal with are people who feel the urge to run their fingers through your hair. I call them Compulsive Afro Destroyers. They destroy hair that you have spent about 5-10 mins combing and shaping. And they usually do it from behind you as well, accompanied with the exclamation 'Ooohh it feels like WOOL!'......and then I retort 'Get your fingers out of my hair FOOL!'
So let this serve as a warning to those (you know yourselves) who get excited when they see a round crisp Afro approaching them, 'Look, but please.....Please....Puhhh.LEASE!! do not touch' a well combed Afro is very hard to attain, and thus it must be treated like a work of art in the Louvre, admire from a safe distance, but keep your fingers (and pens/pencils and other small objects) away from the hair.

...you are very welcome to play with my beard tho, but don't put your finger in my mouth (that's unhygienic)
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Tokie said...

HAAAAAA LOL I love it!!!

LiLi said...

OMG Julian, why everyone is so obsessed with afro hair? :D

Dominik said...

Yes Julian, got it. But you said stroking is ok, as long as you don't rummage around.... Man, you are moody...:P